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"Shake and Bake" Methamphetamine Arrest in Butte County

Published On: Oct 08 2012 07:36:40 PM CDT   Updated On: Oct 09 2012 01:00:00 AM CDT
PARADISE, Calif. -

Butte County saw its first known incidence of “shake and bake” methamphetamine possession on Friday night around 11:30 p.m. when a young couple was arrested in Paradise.

David Tranah, 23, was spotted in the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall parking lot with three others by a Paradise police officer who suspected Tranah of being under the influence.

When the officer arrested Tranah for being under the influence of a controlled substance, he found a 20 oz. bottle containing an unknown, off-white brackish solution.

Tranah’s backpack also contained supplies used to create the methamphetamine and his wife, 23-year-old Candace Tranah, was also at the scene and after her arrest she admitted possession of the same substance.

“Shake and bake” is a technique for creating methamphetamine without a heat source and has become popular in rural communities across the United States.


"Shake and Bake" Meth Finds Its Way to Paradise

Butte Interagency Narcotics Task Force said that this was the first case of “shake and bake” methamphetamine that it had seen. The task force also noted that the substance was extremely dangerous because of its flammability, the toxic fumes that it creates and its acidity.

The Butte County Interagency Narcotics Task Force said that the solution often comes in 20 oz. plastic bottles like the one Tranah was carrying. The task force urges anyone who spots a similar substance to call the task force and report it.