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  • Fire Chief: Water tender total loss after crash

    Published On: May 25 2016 11:05:59 PM CDT   Updated On: May 26 2016 06:17:00 AM CDT
    ANDERSON, Calif. -

    An Anderson Fire District water tender was destroyed after it crashed on its way to help CAL FIRE in western Shasta County.

    The truck, which the Anderson fire chief says costs about $200,000, rolled over on Gas Point Road near Black Pine Road around 7 p.m. Wednesday. Two people were inside and both had only minor injuries. They were taken to the hospital as a precaution.

    The chief also said the two people were very fortuante to walk away because the cab had been crushed.

    The California Highway Patrol is investigating how the crash happened. However, the fire chief said the driver seemed to have lost control and part of the roadway buckled underneath the truck. They do not know if speed or other drivers were a factor at this point.

    It took several hours for a tow truck to pull the water tender upright again. The fire chief says it weighs around 40,000 pounds without water.

    The engineer has been with the department for about two years. The truck is about five-years-old.

  • Deputies confiscate kegs from University of Oregon students

    Published On: May 27 2016 08:06:33 PM CDT   Updated On: May 27 2016 10:51:07 PM CDT
    SHASTA LAKE, Calif. -

    After University of Oregon students trashed Slaughterhouse Island, Shasta County Sheriff's deputies are patrolling Shasta Lake over the holiday weekend to make sure there isn't a repeat of last weekend's incident.

    On Friday, deputies came across a group of University of Oregon students renting a houseboat at Bridge Bay Marina. They said they were disappointed in their fellow students for leaving a mess, and they planned to clean up after themselves.

    The deputies discovered the students brought down beer kegs with the wrong tags on them.

    "When you go to the retailer in California, they put a yellow sticker on it so it can be tracked," said Evan Armstrong of the Shasta County Sheriff's Office. "This keg could've illegally been brought into the state of California from Oregon."

    "It might've been brought across the boarder without legally purchasing it in California," he added.

    The sheriff's office said they need to know where to send the kegs in case they end up as trash.

    In this case, they confiscated two kegs and will send them into evidence and then back to the company they came from. They did not write the students a ticket.

    The marina is also providing free resources and flyers with pictures of the mess to all people renting boats.

    "We'll be providing all the garbage bags, the students need to clean up after themselves," said Bridge Bay Marina General Manager, Shane Spinner. "It's worth it. Whatever the cost to try and get the island clean."

  • Sheep eat cannabis plants, terrorize town

    Published On: May 26 2016 09:40:36 AM CDT   Updated On: May 26 2016 04:41:41 PM CDT
    Sheep or lamb on farm

    Claudia Popa/SXC

    A group of sheep in South Wales are stirring up trouble after officials suspect they have ingested cannabis plants that were dumped by an illegal cannabis factory, UPI reports.

    "I dread to think what will happen if they eat what could well be cannabis plants," said Swansea County Councillor Ioan Richard. "We could have an outbreak out of psychotic sheep rampaging through the village."

    It was reported that a flock of sheep has been seen about a Welsh village, apparently intruding on people's homes.

    The cannabis waste has since been removed from the area, and the Swansea council and South Wales Police are urging anyone with information to come forward.

  • Silverthorn Resort urging students not trash resort or lake

    Published On: May 26 2016 08:52:18 PM CDT   Updated On: May 26 2016 10:32:55 PM CDT
    SHASTA LAKE, Calif. -

    Slaughterhouse Island was trashed over the weekend and some of the students were from the University of Oregon.

    Mike Reha, Silverthorn Resort general manger, said those same students trashed his houseboats.

    "The manner in which the boats were treated is just completely disrespectful and disgraceful," he said. 

    He had 38 houseboats out on the lake, and when they were returned, the majority of them were trashed and mud was everywhere.

    "The scene is just horrific when these boats come back," Reha stated. 

    He said when college students come, it is expected that there will be some damage, but not this much.

    "It's not normal, it's abnormal," he said. "The students last weekend were especially destructive."

    Most of the boats needed to be professionally cleaned, especially the upholstery.

    "We do have measures in place to try and prevent damages to the boat in the form of high deposits," he noted. 

    However, the deposits did not stop these students.

    He explained between the 38 boats the clean up cost was over $60,000 to get them ready on time for this coming weekend.

    Reha added normally, when college students come to town, the clean up cost is around $40,000.

    The students did pay for all the extra costs, according to Reha.

    He hopes the next batch of students will not slaughter Slaughterhouse Island and his boats.

    "We are this weekend going to hand out more literature and educate the students a little bit more, as well as provide additional trash bags," he explained.

    Reha had a message for the UC Davis students.

    "We welcome the students of UC Davis for Memorial weekend and hope they can clean up the island and keep the boats in a decent condition," he stated.

    From time to time Reha noted they will ban people from renting their boats. He said this week his list got a little bit longer because the damaged left behind by some of the students.

    Reha mentioned it's good for the economy when the students come to town because the increase in business, but hopes they will learn to be more respectful.

  • Fraternity alum angry about Slaughterhouse Island mess

    Published On: May 27 2016 08:19:59 PM CDT   Updated On: May 27 2016 11:30:27 PM CDT
    SHASTA LAKE, Calif. -

    Todd Garber only had fond memories of his time as a fraternity brother, until this past weekend that is.

    Over last weekend, the frat, along with other students from the University of Oregon, left trash and personal belongings all over Slaughterhouse Island and the houseboats they were renting.

    "I was a Lambda Chi Alpha graduate from Chico State," said Garber, who is now a Battalion Chief for CAL FIRE. "When I heard about the incident here at the lake, I just sent them a letter explaining how disappointed I was as an alumni of Lambda Chi Alpha." 

    Garber even offered his boat to help clean up the island.

    "If the fraternity wants to send the chapter back down here, I'd be happy to oversee the project," said Garber. "I'd even be willing to use my boat to shuttle folks out there to clean up the island."

    Garber was especially concerned because his daughter, Hannah, is going to school in Oregon next year at Portland State University.

  • 6-month-old child goes waterskiing

    Published On: May 26 2016 08:09:40 AM CDT   Updated On: May 26 2016 08:19:58 AM CDT

    A 6-month-old girl in Florida learned to water ski from her parents before she could crawl, and water skied almost 700 feet with people lining her route in the lake to catch her if she fell. The girl's father is a barefoot water skier.

  • Heat wave melts street in India

    Published On: May 26 2016 11:05:33 AM CDT   Updated On: May 26 2016 11:57:07 AM CDT

    A heat wave in India has caused temperatures to rise as high as 122 degrees Fahrenheit in some areas. The intense heat caused a street in Valsad to melt.

  • Pet of the Week: 'Marilyn'

    Published On: May 27 2016 12:20:22 PM CDT   Updated On: May 27 2016 12:21:05 PM CDT

    Marilyn is a 1-year-old pit bull mix who is rated for a home with kids 8 years old and older. To adopt Marilyn call Haven Humane at (530) 241-1653

  • Mary's Gone Crackers leaving Gridley, surprising city officials

    Published On: May 26 2016 10:41:31 PM CDT
  • Caught on Camera: Raccoon wreaks havoc in house

    Published On: May 26 2016 10:49:05 PM CDT