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Rachael Witter

Published On: May 16 2014 05:45:08 PM CDT   Updated On: May 30 2014 03:11:46 PM CDT

Rachael was born and raised in a small town in western New York, just south of Rochester. She grew up under feet of snow every winter, which is where her early interest in weather came from. After high school determined to experience severe weather, she headed 1,000 miles west to Iowa State University where she earned a bachelor's degree in meteorology.

Her media career started in Lincoln, Nebraska, where she worked at the ABC affiliate for two years. She covered several severe weather outbreaks and winter storms while there. Her career then took her to South Carolina, where she spent several months learning to forecast tropical systems and even experienced a few winter storms during her time in the south. Rachael says snow in the southeast is a whole different kind of winter than she's ever experienced.

Rachael is excited to experience all the Northstate has to offer. She enjoys kayaking, hiking and the outdoors, and she has ran four half marathons. Fun fact, Rachael has an identical twin who also works in TV!

Rachael's Recent Articles

  • Weather Forecast: Thunderstorms for early week

    A Red Flag Warning will go into effect for the mountains to the east including areas being affected by the Eiler Fire. This goes from 11am Monday - 10pm Monday. Thunderstorms thanks to monsoon moisture may set up in the afternoon. Dry lightning will be a concern with these storms, also wind gusts from any storm that forms may be over 20 mph.

  • Weather Forecast: Hot and dry conditions continue

    Hot and dry conditions continue for the Northstate. Winds will die down as we head into the overnight and morning hours, helping the fire fight across northern California. Temps are still hot Sunday. Expect highs in the upper 90s and triple digits.

  • Redding woman brings yoga to the water

    A Redding yoga instructor takes the popular workout onto the water. On Water Yoga offers classes year-round on stand up paddle-boards. Almost every yoga pose done on land can be done on the water. 

    "There's a little bit of modifications to the poses, we do nearly all of the difficult poses that we do on land, with maybe some modifications," said On Water Yoga instructor Audrey DeLong. 

    Paddleboard yoga can require extra balance. Instructors are working on being able to do more difficult poses like handstands. Most easy poses are a little more difficult on the water. 

    "You might be strong-arming one side or the other and you're really aware of that on the board, you'll dump yourself in. There's constant core work and constant balance on the board," said DeLong.

    Most people who try the class, even though it is challenging, want to sign up for more classes after they complete one.

    "It's fun for me to challenge people. Yoga is a mind-body practice as well and we get a lot of that," said DeLong.

    Classes are held at Whiskeytown Lake. You can sign up at

  • Redding Airport expansion nearing completion

    Construction on the Redding Airport started in February 2011. The $9 million dollar project adds 10,000 square feet to the facility. The passenger holding area will now seat up to 200 people. Restrooms have been added inside the security checkpoint.

  • Northstate rattlesnake removal companies

    Western rattlesnakes are common in the Northstate. They aren't aggressive by nature, but will bite if they feel scared or threatened. The easiest thing to do if you find one on your property is to leave it alone. If you want the snake removed from your property, there are some companies that will remove it for a fee.

  • Weather Forecast: Hot and dry for the week

    A ridge of high pressure sets up for the week. This means sunshine returning, and temperatures going up as we head into the work week.

  • Weather Forecast: Hot and Dry for the week

    The heat is back and it's here to stay for the week. A ridge of high pressure means lots of sun and hot temps for the Northstate.

  • Wildlife moving closer to residential neighborhoods

    A black bear was spotted in a residential neighborhood near Anderson. Adam Fishman spotted the bear walking along the back side of his property Tuesday afternoon. A bear hasn't been seen in that neighborhood before.

  • Drought may cause Lewiston to run out of water

    The drought may lead to water shortages in the town of Lewiston. Lewiston Park Mutual Water Company usually has five wells to supply its 500 customers. The water to fill the wells comes from groundwater. Dry conditions this summer have caused the groundwater supply to decrease. The water company has had to turn off two of its five wells because there is no water to refill them. The wells can only put out one gallon per minute. They normally put out 25 to 60 gallons per minute. The company is also resorting to pumping in water from the Trinity River. 

  • Dental students raise money for trip to Guatemala

    Students from the Shasta College dental hygiene program are raising money to take a mission trip to Guatemala. The students will bring a mobile clinic to the developing country and provide cleanings and educational programs. They need to raise more than $10,000 to pay for airfare and supplies.