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A Less Chaotic St. Patrick's Day Weekend for Chico Police

Published On: Mar 18 2013 11:42:11 PM CDT   Updated On: Mar 19 2013 10:58:47 AM CDT
CHICO, Calif. -

Chico Police say it was really quiet on the streets in Chico with the exception of the brawl outside of La Salles Bar Sunday night.

It is a scene that most people in Chico are all too familiar with on a holiday weekend.

Police arrested four people after three of them got into a fight with the bouncer at La Salles Bar.  Normally for holiday weekends in Chico, you would see more of these kinds of incidents but this year it was different.

“For Friday, Saturday, Sunday with St. Patrick's Day being on a weekend, it was quiet,” said Chico Police Sergeant George Laver.

Chico Police said they had an extra 21 officers on the street for all three nights, but Chico Police did something they are not used to, cut officer's shifts short.

“We are just thankful to send people home early,” said Sgt. Laver.

Both Chico State and Butte College were on spring break so that could have something to do with how quiet it was, but officers can't rule out the new “Respect Chico” movement.

“[It's] the first holiday that we've seen with regarding to that campaign, it's difficult to tell now,” said Sgt. Laver in response to whether the movement has made a difference.

“Students actually are thinking about their decisions before they make them,” said Chico State senior, Christina Lee.

Lee is one of the few students who stayed in Chico for spring break.  She believes “Respect Chico" is working and the quiet weekend is proof.

“Our student organization has been getting a bad rap and we don't want it anymore,” said Lee.

Chico Police hope the quieter weekend is a sign of things to come.