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Anderson Middle School Holds Lockdown Drill

Published On: Dec 18 2012 10:31:41 PM CST   Updated On: Dec 18 2012 10:54:39 PM CST
ANDERSON, Calif. -

Schools in the Northstate are making sure that they are ready for any emergency. Anderson Middle school held a lockdown drill Tuesday to  help students and faculty know what to do in case of an emergency.

The drill started around 11:00 a.m., when Anderson police locked the school down and began walking the campus. They checked classrooms and restrooms to make sure students were where they were supposed to be.

The drill wasn’t a new thing for students. They were prepared, and said practicing the drills makes them feel safer.

“Definitely feels safer when we have the drills coming here because I know what to do,” said Mateo Ortez, a student at the school. “If I do hear them and if anything does go wrong I feel like I’m protected at all times.”

Assistant Principal Karin Cox said it’s important to reassure the students and parents that the school is a safe place.

"The school is the safest place that a student can be, just like a school bus,” said Cox. “If there's an accident it's really scary but a school bus is much safer than a parents car and school is unfortunately safer in a lot of ways than some of our students homes so when kids come to our schools our first priority is their safety."

Anderson police said they will submit any new recommendations they developed from the drill to Chiefs of Police.