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Bear Captured In South Chico Garage

Published On: Sep 23 2012 04:28:02 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 23 2012 05:46:27 PM CDT
Chico Bear In Garage
CHICO, Calif. -

It was anything but a peaceful Sunday morning for residents along Springfield Drive in South Chico. A bear was captured after crossing into several backyards, scaling fences and eventually finding its way into a Chico garage. The bear was returned to the mountains east of Chico.

The bear had kept residents along Springfield Drive indoors for the early morning hours.  The neighborhood is located behind the Winco store just off Forest Avenue.

The bear was first spotted early Sunday morning in the area of Springfield Manor retirement community in South Chico. Officers responded and located the bear roaming the residential streets. At one point the bear climbed a tree and remained there for some time.

Officers kept sight of the bear and hoped it would return to the foothills before daylight. Neighbors were advised to remain inside their homes with their doors locked. The bear instead began climbing backyard fences.

When the bear did not reappear Officers began searching the backyards. The bear was located in a narrow side yard. In an effort to chase the bear out of the residential area, officers fired two less lethal bean bag rounds, hitting the bear with both rounds.

The bear then fled over fences and into an open back door of a garage. Officers were able to close the door trapping the bear inside.

The elderly resident was evacuated to a neighbor's house and the California Department of Fish and Game responded with a tranquilizer gun.

The bear pawed at the interior garage window after being hit with the tranquilizer, destroying the blinds and drywall.

The bear required two shots with the tranquilizer gun before being rendered unconscious.

The bear was loaded into a Fish and Game truck, a biologist tagged the bear and returned it to the mountains east of Chico. Fish and Game personnel confirmed it was an adult bear approximately 300 pounds in weight.