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Changes to Downtown Redding Intersection May Be Confusing

Published On: Feb 05 2013 07:47:13 PM CST

The intersection of Market and Tehama streets in Downtown Redding have gone through some changes. The streets have been re-striped, changing the direction of the lanes.

The intersection of Tehama and Market Streets still has three turn lanes but now you can no longer turn both left and right from the center lane -- instead the lane has become left turn only. The right lane is now the only one from which from drivers can turn in both directions.

Caltrans also made changes to the crosswalk that was formerly on the east side by removing it so traffic could flow easier.

"This is one of the most congested areas in Redding, especially during the peak time,” said Caltrans Resident Engineer Brett Ditzler. “Most of the traffic is turning onto Tehama south, there are some people who turn right onto Tehama but it's a smaller number.”

Caltrans has also made some changes on two other locations, the intersection of Market Street and Shasta Street and on Eureka Way and Market Street.