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Chico Cab Driver Recounts Road Rage Shooting

Published On: Jan 23 2013 08:11:56 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 23 2013 08:46:06 PM CST
CHICO, Calif. -

Ed Ort was the one behind the wheel when the bullets went flying while he was driving a couple home in Chico.

Ort said he did not expect what happened to him Saturday when he showed up for work that day.

Around 1:15 on Sunday morning, Ort picked up a couple right outside of Lassals on Broadway.

"This was a typical night, nothing too exciting, very small line out [there]," said Ort.

As he was driving the couple home, Ort said nothing was out of the ordinary until he passed a truck on 4th St.

He said the driver of the truck seemed to think Ort had cut him off and started to follow his cab down main street.

That's when Ort said he got worried.  He stayed on the right side of the road on the Esplanade to make a quick getaway. Ort decided 3rd Ave. was the best choice.

"I didn't even get in the turn lane.  I barely made this corner.  I don't know how he made that corner," said Ort.

Once he went down Third Ave., Ort said shots fired.

"And right here...Bam," shouted Ort.

Ort wasn't hit, but he said the 25-year-old man in the back seat of the cab was hit in the ear. The woman was shot in the neck.  Ort sped off running three stop signs.  He reached speeds of 90 miles per hour to get his passengers to Enloe Medical Center.

He said he is a little nervous for this weekend.

"Maybe I'm just in denial about it because I need the money and need to work," said Ort.

Chico Police are still working on gathering new information about the shooting.