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Chico State Announces Rules For Greek System Reinstatement

Published On: Feb 14 2013 08:51:31 PM CST
CHICO, Calif. -

"Today Decides Tomorrow." That is the saying engraved above the door at Kendall Hall at Chico State.  It is the motto the Greek system now has to follow.

Chico State University has laid out what fraternities and sororities will need to do in order to be reinstated.
"This month is the big month and the beginning of March if they follow along with it there are going to be able to recruit new members and put up their letters," said Joe Wills, public affairs director for Chico State.
Chico State released Thursday to the public a list of requirements each of the 26 social chapters has to follow in order to be reinstated.
The rules include attending leadership workshops every Wednesday in February and participating in a safe place violence prevention education program.
Even if chapters are reinstated, Chico State will not allow them to have social events or participate in intramural sports this semester. They also won’t be able to do community service without permission.
"We fell they need to focus on who they are and where they are going forward from this point," added Wills.
The Greek system was suspended back on November 15 after a series of incidents involving alcohol and violence.

"It wasn't fair for freshmen.  I thought it was unfair because everyone got experience rush and everything but we get this shutdown, doors closed," said Unique Danovaro, a freshman at the university.

Chico State says if all chapters meet the requirements this month, they will be able to uncover their letters by March 1.