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Chico State Re-Claims Its Land From a Chico Bar

Published On: Sep 03 2012 07:59:42 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 04 2012 05:18:49 PM CDT
The Fence Pushes Back Madison Bear Garden's Outer Patio
CHICO, Calif. -

The Madison Bear Garden restaurant and bar in downtown Chico will have to do some re-arranging on its back patio.   A new property survey by neighboring Chico State revealed part of bar's patio actually belongs to the university.

The bar is commonly known as "The Bear."  A fence now blocks off some of the area the bar once used as a back patio. The fence was put up August 27 and runs from Salem Street to the Yuba parking lot.

The fence blocks out most of the bar's raised patio where picnic tables and portable toilets once stood.

Chico State learned of its newly discovered land after a property survey conducted for the remodeling of Taylor Hall.

The Bear said they don’t know how much they’ll lose in seating but it will be challenging.  They do big business during the first week of school and the Labor Day holiday weekend.

This area was used mainly for people who smoke.  Loyal customers said this fence will make things uncomfortable.

"It does kind of suck for the people that go outside," said customer Josh Zach.  "I don't smoke, but I know people who smoke out in the back. That might push the smoke in the middle where nobody wants.”

The alley on Salem Street has been reopened after the fence was put up.  Chico State didn’t know how long The Bear was using the land.  The Bear has put up smaller tables in the little room they have on the raised patio.

Chico State will start construction on Taylor Hall in January. The Bear said they are confident this won’t hurt their business.