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City Leaders Respond to Chico Mayhem

Published On: Feb 26 2013 08:06:29 PM CST
CHICO, Calif. -

Hard-partying college students getting out of control again was highlighted over the weekend when a series of parties spilled into the streets.
There were fires, fights, arrests and more.
"We really don't come down here at night because there's so many people drinking and partying,” said Jennica Looper.
Looper and her husband Brian have called Chico their home for the past six years. Since then, they have accomplished a lot.  They had a daughter.  Jennica earned a child development degree and Brian is graduating in May with a degree in electrical engineering
But now, the violence is getting to be too much.
“We plan on moving when my husband graduates,” said Looper.
“Right now we have this huge disconnect,” said Chico city councilman Randall Stone.
Stone says this mayhem is unacceptable.
"It just absolutely outrageous that on the very weekend that we have a summit to address these problems and this is the way the university student population responds is to riot in the streets,” said Stone.
City officials say they spend roughly $2 million a year in police funding on the south campus neighborhood alone.
Looper says it's clearly not enough and she's looking forward to leaving town.
“We are kind of glad we are getting out of here,” said Looper.

City leaders say they will meet with both university and police officials this week to work on strategies for these kinds of incidents.
 It will be brought up at next week's city council meeting.