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City-Owned Runoff Overflow Damages Redding Homes

Published On: Nov 21 2012 06:54:03 PM CST
REDDING, Calif. -

Wet weather in the North State damaged some homes in eastern Redding. A city-owned runoff pond overflowed, pushing water into homes on Charade Way.

The carpet inside one of the duplexes has a strong stench and is squishy. There's water damage lines along the walls that are about four inches tall.

One of the tenants who lived in the duplex said this is the first winter he been at the home.

He and his family spent this past weekend in the bay area. They came home on Sunday to find their entire first level flooded with several inches of black water.

He said almost everything on the first story is contaminated: furniture, carpeting, even their 6-week-old baby's toys.

One of his neighbors, Lance Fox, said flooding happens almost every year.

"It missed our house barely and was about three inches from our front doorstep. We were putting sandbags and heavy bags to make sure it didn't come in," Fox said. "I came out here this morning and [the water] was up to my knees and it's kind of a problem."