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Concerns About Health of Horses in Orland

Published On: Jan 31 2013 08:39:58 PM CST

Photo Courtesy: Facebook

ORLAND, Calif. -

We've been receiving a number of e-mails from people concerned about some horses in Orland that seem to be malnourished.

So, we went to Glenn County to see for ourselves.

When we arrived at the property in question - no horses were visible.

But we did run into Glenn County Sheriff Larry Jones, who says there are about 83 horses on the premise.

Jones says it’s not the first time they received complaints.

The Sheriff’s Office sent over a veterinarian on Thursday to take a look at the horses. Sheriff Jones tells me many of them seem to be in bad shape.

The property owners did not want to talk. The only thing they told us is that the horses belong to their daughter.

"The majority I’m told are rescue animals they've come from other areas, there are some very elderly animals here and they do appear to be malnourished,” said Sheriff Jones.

“That's why we brought the veterinarian here and we're going to continue to monitor the progress and help the family reduce the number of animals on their property.”

The Sheriff’s Office says there is no limit on how many horses are allowed on a property in Orland.

They say plenty of food was available for the horses, but they'll continue to investigate - part of what they call an "on-going process."