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Dead Deer Found On Redding River Trail

Published On: May 11 2012 08:02:55 AM CDT   Updated On: May 11 2012 10:57:52 AM CDT

For the second time in the past several weeks, trail users have found a dead deer on the river trail near the Sundial Bridge.

James Smith said he was walking his dog when he stumbled upon the remains of a dead deer.

"I just happen to look over this way and I saw a deer and all its ribs were showing. It's front legs were snapped out of its sockets and the head was more up on the hill," Smith told us.

He snapped a picture, sent it to us and contacted Turtle Bay. They picked up the carcass, and called the Department of Fish and Game.

Wildlife Biologist Pete Figura confirmed it could be another lion kill. He said "there were components, aspects of it were consistent with a mountain lion attack but there were aspects that were also consistent with coyotes and it's also possible both animals had visited the carcass."

For now, Figura says the DFG is not worried about the lion. He said, "lions are not uncommon around Redding and sometimes in Redding and especially in areas where there are a lot of other wildlife that the lions prey upon."

Figura told us a person swimming in the ocean is more likely to be attacked by a shark than a person walking on a trail is to be attacked by a mountain lion.

If you should ever come across a mountain lion, Figura said you should try to walk or hike with a buddy and always keep a close eye on kids.

He said you should make yourself appear as large as possible and talk to the mountain lion so it doesn't think you're a deer.

You do not want to turn, bend down or run.

The DFG asks if you spot a dead animal that you think may have been killed by a lion to please call them.