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Family of Mark Duenas Speaks Out

Published On: Feb 19 2013 08:51:53 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 20 2013 01:33:25 AM CST

The family of the man accused of murdering his wife is speaking out on his behalf.

Mark Duenas was arrested in October for allegedly murdering his wife of 33 years, Karen Duenas.

She was a Shasta College instructor and mother of five boys found stabbed to death in their home in May of 2012.

Soon after her death Mark was named a "person of interest" but wasn't arrested until five months later in October.

Nearly 20 of Mark's supporters gathered at the Shasta County Courthouse on Tuesday afternoon, they included his family, friends, and co-workers.

Mark appeared before the judge for less than two minutes, the purpose of his appearance was to make sure everything was on track for his trial expected to begin in May.

A trial his family is anxious to begin. 

"The Tenney family would like to say they continue to give love and support to Mark Duenas, his five boys and their families," said Jennifer Regelin, Karen's older sister.

Tenney was Karen's maiden name and on a windy Tuesday afternoon, older sister, Jennifer Regelin, painfully remembered Karen.

She spoke in front of the Shasta County Courthouse, standing by her brother in-law's side.

A separate statement was also released by Mark's family and sons, speaking against how their father has been portrayed.

They said the belief the couples marriage was crumbling because of an out of state phone relationship Mark had is false.

They said in part, "our family was aware of this relationship, including our mother, while she was not thrilled about it our parents were still very much in love."

The family also said their father has been unfairly portrayed by his infamous 911 call where law enforcement claims he admitted to killing Karen but the family maintains that's not true either.

"Now that the 911 call has been made public it is obvious he had said no such thing, however we are fearful that the damage has already been done."

Finally, the Duenas family said little attention has been given to the fact that Mark passed a polygraph test administered by a former FBI  polygraph expert for the defense.

"Our dad is a caring, loving, man that was deeply in love with our mother and misses her everyday just as we all do," lamented the family.

Regelin said the hurt will never go away.

"Unless a person has experienced this kind of loss it is difficult to explain how devastating the effects are."

The family also said they are working to gather money for a reward for information about Karen's murder.

Mark will be back in court April 8th.

To view the entirety of both statements visit "The Fact File" section of KRCR's website.