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Getting the Facts on Protecting Your Home

Published On: Jun 25 2012 08:30:30 PM CDT   Updated On: Jun 25 2012 08:31:50 PM CDT
garage remote
REDDING, Calif. -

If you have a remote for your garage door, you may be opening your home or business to thieves.

According to Redding Police, it is important to keep the remote with you.  There have been reports of thieves stealing both the garage remotes and registrations from cars parked in parking lots.

But we did learn that you can't just buy a remote to open any door.  The computer in the garage door opener uses an algorithm to cycle through the different codes.  That way the code is different every time your open the door.

Most doors also come with a lock-out feature to turn off the remote in case your vehicle is broken in to.  You can also use this at night in case your car gets stolen.

It's more dangerous if your garage is attached to your house because thieves could then have access to your house.

If you do want to reprogram your opener, call a licensed garage door installer.  It costs about $100.