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Group Files for Re-Count of Redding City Council Votes

Published On: Nov 21 2012 06:42:05 PM CST
REDDING, Calif. -

A bipartisan group filed an official request with the Shasta County Clerk's office Wed. afternoon for a manual hand re-count of the Redding City Council race on November 6.

The results showed candidate Gary Cadd defeating incumbant Dick Dickerson by only 11 votes.

The bipartisan group, Full Count for Redding 2012, is formed of business leaders, community activists, and labor organizations who say they believe a recount is necessary to verify the legitimacy of the results.

Chairman Andrew Meredith said, "With election results this close, we believe as a collective group that the voters of Redding deserve to know that the results 'as reported' are truly representative of the will of the people."

In accordance with Shasta County election procedures, the group is prepared to fund the full manual recount, which could surpass $10,000 and the re-count should not cost the city or county any money. The group is seeking contributions from Redding residents and businesses.

With only two weeks left before Cadd is to be seated on the City Council the bipartisan group are counting on new results coming in soon that confirm their expectations.

Shasta County Clerk Cathy Allen Darling said this is the first big re-count that Shasta County has seen in over a decade. There was a re-count in 2003, but it was much smaller.

The group is expected to have given a $2,000 deposit by Monday. The city will then begin the re-count on Tues., Nov. 27.