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Hundreds Attend Chico State's 'Call to Action' Summit

Published On: Feb 22 2013 08:31:18 PM CST
CHICO, Calif. -

Hundreds of people answered Chico State's "Call to Action" Friday.

A summit brought out hundreds of people to voice their opinion on issues they feel are most important to the university community.

Students, bar owners, city council members, the Butte County Sheriff's Office, Chico Police, the district attorney and many others got the chance to voice their opinion on the issues they think most need to be addressed.

"We must have gotten 100 people to stand and say that they have an issue," said Chico State President Paul Zingg.

They brought forth ideas such as: "count your drinks with your bartender", "increase consequences for those who buy alcohol for under age people", and a "community alcohol policy".

From there, people who attended met in groups with authorities and city council leaders.

Chico State Freshman Olivia Longstaff talked about her fear of walking home at night.
"It's pretty dark and scary at night. There are a lot of lights but you have to go by the parking lot and it's just not something I feel comfortable doing alone anymore," said Longstaff.

She said it is really hard to stay away from the party life.

"All of your roommates, all of the people in your classes, everyone goes out and parties and everyone is affected," said Longstaff.

The urgency of this summit even brought David Chesterman from the Bay Area.

His son, Daniel Chesterman, was seriously beaten in Chico two weeks ago.
"I wanted to see if I could do something either help with the situation or learn more about it at least," said Chesterman.

Although Chesterman has his doubts about the safety in Chico for his kids, he says this is a step in the right direction.

"You want it to be a safe place as an environment. It could be and I think an effort like this helps," said Chesterman.

Chico State President Paul Zingg said there are 10 bars on board with the 'Call to Action.' These bars say they will cooperate in the effort to make Chico State safer but Zingg did not mention which bars those were.