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Investigators Taking a Look at Death of a Red Bluff Toddler

Published On: Oct 26 2012 07:29:47 PM CDT   Updated On: Oct 26 2012 08:12:38 PM CDT
RED BLUFF, Calif. -

Tehama County investigators are looking into the death of a one-year-old boy.

The toddler passed away last month at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Red Bluff.

Deputies said they always do this type of investigation when a child passes away at such a young age, but they also said that this death is particularly suspicious and they are taking a closer look.

The child, David Di Dio, passed away on Sept. 26. Chris Di Dio, the child's father, said that he and David's mother, Isabelle Rios, broke-up shortly following David's birth.

Isabelle, along with her current boyfriend were David's primary caretakers while Chris worked to get a better job.

One month ago, Chris got a call from a friend that his son had passed away. Chris Di Dio said he immediately called Rios after hearing the news.

According to Di Dio, Rios said that David stopped breathing and she took him to the hospital.

Di Dio said that he and the doctors are puzzled over what caused David to stop breathing.

"I still haven't really come to terms with it," Di Dio said. "I'm still at conflict with myself on how I am feeling about this because I, I'm just trying to go about my daily life along with trying to figure out what happened with my son and still trying not to hate myself as much as I can because I wasn't there as much as I wanted to be."

De Dio said that a similar incident happened a few months ago. After that instance, Child Protective Services took David out of Rios' care.

Di Dio said he took David in, but doctors said they could not find any conclusive evidence of abuse. Di Dio said he let Rios take care of David again while he got his life together.

When asked about her son, Rios said there is a completely different part of the story and that Di Dio was not a part of the child's life.

Beyond that, Rios said she cannot comment on the case under the advice of her lawyer.