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Loggers Voice Concerns on Upcoming CARB Regulations

Published On: Feb 09 2013 04:57:28 PM CST
ANDERSON, Calif. -

A heated debate in Shasta County as the Loggers Association of Northern California voiced concerns about regulations that will have a major impact on some of their equipment.

Two staff members and a lawyer from the California Air Resources Board led a panel discussion at the Shasta District Fairgrounds in Anderson Saturday morning about new diesel emission guidelines going into effect this year.

The rules require the replacement of parts in some of the trucks they need to do their jobs. These upgrades will cost thousands of dollars per vehicle.

Most loggers argued the new regulations will push out small businesses and create monopolies in the industry. They said the board doesn't know the logging business the way they do and the new rules aren't fair.

Neal Gould of E&G Logging in Lassen County said his business has been passed down multiple generations.

He told us the new regulations make it even harder for their business to keep running. "It's continued to put pressure on the business and makes it harder to make business work. I mean obviously the economy has drove things down and hurt us too, but then when you've got the regulations coming down, it just makes it harder and harder to function and continue in this economy and business."

Gould said he thinks the only fair way to make them switch to more air friendly parts is to let it happen naturally. He said it makes more sense for the board to let old machinery wear out and only apply the rules to newly purchased vehicles.

We reached out to the CARB staff members at the event. They said they were not allowed to go on camera but said they will take people's concerns back to Sacramento.