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Neglected Horse Abandoned In Anderson

Published On: Sep 13 2012 11:03:27 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 13 2012 11:08:24 PM CDT

Animal rescue officials say the abandoned horse is in extreme pain, and believe it has been suffering for quite some time.

The 30 year-old female Arabian is in such bad condition, she can’t even eat. Safe Haven Horse Rescue says the mare appears to have suffered severe trauma, which is causing major back pain. The horse can barely walk or lift her head.

The mare was abandoned at Margaret Bolick's ranch in Anderson on Tuesday. Bolick says a 78 year-old woman called her and said she was moving to a nursing home in Nashville and needed her horse to be taken care of. The woman never mentioned the horse was in bad condition. When Bolick woke up Tuesday morning, she found the horse just left in her yard without warning. The person who abandoned the mare didn't leave a name or contact information.

Linda Richards with Safe Haven Horse Rescue was contacted to check on the animal. Richards says it is one of the worst cases of abuse she has seen. The horse needs dental care, foot care and has a bad spine. Officials say it is extremely cruel to leave a horse in this poor condition without treatment for so long.

Richards says she is going out with a veterinarian to pick up the horse Friday morning. If they can't help the mare, they may put her down so she is not in pain anymore.