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New Details: Late Night Fire Destroys a Redding Home

Published On: Aug 16 2012 08:13:45 PM CDT
REDDING, Calif. -

New details have emerged on a fire that destroyed a Redding woman's Parkview neighborhood home.

It happened on the 2800 block of Mahan Street just after 9 p.m. Wednesday night.

After the fire broke out, a power line right outside of the house also caught fire and started sparking. Crews were kept back from the house until power was shut off.

On Thursday afternoon the house looked completely destroyed. The windows and doors were gone and there was debris everywhere.

Roxann Tipp, who lives across the street from the home, was the one who called 911.

She said that she heard glass breaking and assumed it was someone breaking into her neighbor's home. While calling 911, she went outside and saw the flames.

Tipp said the fire spread quickly and the sparks from the power lines had the entire neighborhood concerned.

"The explosions with the arching power lines, it seemed like fireworks. It was better than Redding's fireworks display and loud. Within ten minutes, there were probably twenty neighbors out here worrying about whether the fire was going to come across the road. It was burning that hot and that fast. It was scary," Tipp said.

She said their power was cutting in and out and that crews were there until around 3 a.m. making sure the fire didn't flare up again.

Fire officials tell us that the cause of the fire is still under investigation but they are looking for the homeowner's son.

They say they believe he was at the home either when the fire started or shortly before, but then took off and they want to talk to him to gain more information on the fire.

Damage is estimated at $125,000.