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New Regulations Allow Homemade Goods into the Free Market

Published On: Feb 06 2013 08:40:48 PM CST

New regulations affect sales for homemade goods. The California Homemade Food Act of the AB 1616 lets anyone prepare and package certain non-potentially hazardous homemade goods for sale without requiring the food to be processed in a licensed facility.

The food would not be required to go under any inspection but the seller would still be required to register through his or her own county.

Many are happy that the change will bring in local revenue.

"I would love to have home made things in a store because you know, for one, you’re helping the local economy,” says Kathy Mick, a Red Bluff local who bakes. “You’re helping the old grandma like me, you’re helping the kids go to bible school or wherever they’re using the money for.”

The change might bring some concern. Because the food will never be inspected, there is no way of telling if it’s sanitary.

"It's a big change in the way regulators have looked at food production in California,” said Tehama County Department Of Environmental Health Director Tim Potanovic.

Homemade foods will have labels on them, so buyers will know the food was homemade and not inspected.