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Northstate Gas Prices On The Rise

Published On: Feb 05 2013 07:32:33 PM CST
Gas Prices Pic

The pain at the pump is back, and many Northstate drivers are starting to feel it.

According to the U.S. energy department, gas prices in California have risen 23 cents in the last week, and California is already among the most expensive states for getting gas.

Local drivers are definitely feeling the pinch. Kellen Levy says it takes nearly $160 to fill his truck up, and there's really no way he can slow down.

"I gotta go to work everyday -- that doesn't change," said Levy. "I need that truck everyday so I don't have another choice but running to get groceries, obviously not taking the truck anymore. That was a luxury and I'm lucky that I have another car because it gets good gas mileage. Driving 100 miles a day to 200 is expensive!"

The average cost for a gallon of regular gasoline in California is about $3.91. Drivers said they are thinking about a different alternative -- carpooling.