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Northstate Radio Host Receives Help From Lance Armstrong's Livestrong Foundation

Published On: Jan 18 2013 01:44:07 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 18 2013 01:49:03 PM CST
Livestrong Bracelet
CHICO, Calif. -

Lance Armstrong's Foundation, Livestrong, helps cancer-stricken patients.  But after Armstrong's admission of cheating and drug use during his cycling career, the foundation is losing supporters.

A Northstate radio host is sharing how Livestrong helped him and his girlfriend, after she was diagnosed with cancer.

Chico State radio play-by-play announcer, and KPAY radio sports director Mike Baca said his girlfriend of 14 years, Alyssa, was recently diagnosed with stage two breast cancer.

"She's the love of my life," said Baca. "I love her dearly."

Despite Lance Armstrong's admission this week that he cheated and used drugs to win races, Baca still wears a Livestrong bracelet from Lance Armstrong's cancer foundation.
The foundation helped his girlfriend when she needed it most.

Doctors warned that aggressive chemotheropy to treat her cancer, would risk the couple's ability have children someday.

"We were forced into some really difficult decisions really fast," said Baca.  "Because of our age, because I'm in my late 30's and she's in her mid-30's".

They wanted to create embryos for a future date, but that would be very costly, with expenses that could reach $22,000.

"That's on top of the expenses we knew were going to have to face with the cancer and the long therapy road," said Baca.

That's when the Livestrong Foundation came to the couple's financial rescue.

"The Lance Armstrong Livestrong Foundation has negotiated with various fertilizing clinics around the county and we'll forgive about 70 to 75 percent of that cost.  So your cost will be about $6,000," said Baca.

As sports director for KPAY radio, Baca knows better than anyone the sordid story of Armstrong's blood-doping scheme.

"As an athlete I find his actions despicable."

But he also knows Lance Armstrong's humanitarian side like the back of his hand.  

"I may have children someday because of the generosity of his foundation."

Baca said Alyssa is cancer-free right now.