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Off-Road Golf Provides Rustic Alternative

Published On: Apr 11 2013 01:12:04 PM CDT
Off Road Golf pic

There are about 140 golf courses in Shasta County that are a little different than the ones you might be familiar with.  They're used for a relatively new game called Off-Road Golf.  It was created here in the Northstate.
You can play it in the woods, in a field, even in your back yard.
The holes are set pretty close to each other which makes it similar to mini-golf.  But Off-Road Golf is a little different. 

You usually play it in the woods, not on a man-made course.
Off-Road Golf changes with the atmosphere.  It changes with the weather.  It changes with the heat.  It changes with the cold.  Every time you play your course it's usually a little bit different.

The game is unlike anything else.  They use mallets and balls like the game of croquet.  The courses are ten holes long and wind between trees and rocks.   It usually takes about half an hour to complete one round depending on the course's difficulty.  

The rules are just like normal golf.  Lowest score wins and you keep track of your par right on the club itself.  But the rules do take some interesting detours, like the untrained dog rule.
The untrained dog rule states that if a dog picks up your ball and runs away with it your next shot in your rotation is from wherever that ball is dropped off by the dog.  

It could be 100 yards away.  It could be half a mile away.

You can invent your own unique rules too.  

The Off-Road Golf World Championships will be held in Shingletown on September 22nd.  Last year's winner's purse was about $400.