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Pit Bull Attack Seriously Injures Labrador Retriever

Published On: Apr 02 2013 08:17:32 PM CDT
REDDING, Calif. -

A pit bull attacked a Labrador retriever yesterday, leaving it with numerous puncture wounds and dislocating its leg.

Susan Wagner said she was out walking her 14-year-old Labrador, Lucy, on Hartly Court in the Hacienda Heights neighborhood Monday night. As she was returning home, a neighbor's pit bull allegedly came out of nowhere to attack Lucy in her own driveway.

Lucy suffered a dislocated leg and numerous puncture wounds. She is expected to recover but because of her age, she may have lingering effects from her injury.

"I just thought maybe a disease would kill her," Wagner said, "not some other dog attacking her out of the blue."

Wagner also told us she had a run-in with the pit bull before, but the owners talked her out of reporting it.

While she said she now regrets that decision, she suggested that there should be rules for owners of so-called "aggressive breeds."

"Maybe there [should] be some kind of stipulation where certain training courses are mandatory when you go and license [an 'aggressive dog']," Wagner said.

Animal control responded to the incident and because of a prior incident involving the dog, it was taken away.

The pit bull will be held at Haven Humane Society until a "dangerous dog hearing," on April 17 decides its fate.

The owner was issued a citation and will have an opportunity to defend the pit bull's actions at the hearing. We tried to speak with the owner(s) this afternoon to get their response but they did not answer their door.