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Possible Outside Management Audit for Modoc County

Published On: Feb 22 2013 07:33:28 PM CST

Modoc County is facing money problems and next Tuesday, county supervisors will be asked to approve an outside management audit.

Business Manager of the United Public Employees of California Chris Darker said he sent a memo to Modoc County employees asking them to check their paycheck amounts and what was reported on their W-2 forms.

Darker said it's because mistakes and errors have been reported in state and federal tax deductions and withholding and more.

"I don't know if it's incompetence, I don't know if it's under-qualified folks, I don't know if it's because there's not enough workers in the auditor's office, but there's something wrong," Darker said.

"I think that's why there needs to be an investigation," Darker said. "That's why we are demanding that the board of supervisors get involved, have an independent audit done and account to the taxpayers and the employees, on what's going on with their money."

When asked, Modoc County CAO Chester Robertson acknowledged the discrepancies and said that while the county is already deficit spending, there is no choice but to have an independent audit.

Robertson said the money to pay for that audit will have to come from somewhere else in the county budget.