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Red Bluff High School Works Closely With Police to Keep Students Safe

Published On: Mar 01 2013 07:50:47 PM CST

The death of Marysa Nichols has left students and staff at Red Bluff High School devastated. Officials are now working closely with Red Bluff Police to make sure that incidents like this never happen again.

"This is definitely very very scary,” said Red Bluff High School parent Amy Woods. "Whether you're a parent of boys or girls its very very scary."

Police Chief Paul Nanfito said Nichols' body was found around a half mile west of the school.

Students walk freely around the school and some even leave campus during lunch time. Now, this freedom worries some parents.

Amy Woods said her boys never walk alone.

"They go together, they come back together," Woods said. "I, of course, feel better about that – at least they're together. In numbers, you always have a better opportunity of not having any problems."

Due to this horrific incident, the school isn’t wasting any time.

"My students here at the district are my first priority, so you really don't want to believe that and then when you do, you go into action plan,” said Superintendent Lisa Escobar.

The district is teaming up with Red Bluff police and together they are making new plans to keep the students as safe as possible.

"We have counselors that have been open and available for grief counseling since yesterday,” said Escobar.

The school is also planning to provide students with martial art classes.