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Redding Nurse Injured In Boston Returns Home

Published On: Apr 24 2013 02:07:00 AM CDT   Updated On: Apr 24 2013 01:39:51 PM CDT
Redding Nurse Injured In Boston Returns Home

A Redding woman who was hurt in the Boston Marathon Bombings has returned to the Northstate.

Marilyn Kight was with her family in Boston to watch her daughter run.  She says it still seems surreal when she recounts that tragic day.

“I was so intent on finding Frank, that is the father of my children, I was so intent on finding him,” says Kight.

Kight says moments after the explosion her biggest concern was finding her family, making sure they were safe.  Still in shock, Kight says she was so worried she even ignored her own injury.

“I knew I was hit, but I had no pain. I had pressure and it was wet when I reached back to touch my leg,” says Kight.

Kight was hit in the back of her right leg by a piece of metal from one of the bombs.  Shortly after, Kight was able to find her ex-husband Frank who was also injured.  She says some of her memory from that day is still blurry. 

“I have seen pictures of them bandaging me up and I don’t remember that at all,” says Kight.

More than a week after the bombings, she says it still brings tears to her eyes.

“Such a horrific event that people could hurt people like that inconceivable to me still,” says Kight.

Kight says the way everyone jumped in and helped showed the strength of humanity.  Seeing a tragedy bring people together reminds her of how strong our country is.

“We’re supposed to help our neighbors, suppose to be here for people and not allow this terrible tragedy to dampen the American spirit,” says Kight, “it’s about people helping people.”