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Tehama County Jail Expansion Could Happen Later This Year

Published On: Mar 28 2013 08:44:51 PM CDT
RED BLUFF, Calif. -

There could be major changes coming to the Tehama County Jail. A proposal was submitted on Tuesday to the board of supervisors, asking for approval to expand the jail.

They are asking for a proposed County Jail SB 1022 construction grant, which will cost about $20 million. If approved, the Tehama County Jail would be expanded to the Tehama County Library.

The reason for expansion, Tehama County Administrator Bill Goodwin says, is over-crowding due to Assembly Bill 109 – Gov. Jerry Brown’s prison realignment legislation.

“This would give them a training facility so they would hopefully come out and have productive skills so when they get out,” said Goodwin.

The new facility would bring in new programs ranging from mental health to culinary programs. Extra beds would also be added.

Librarian Sally Ainsworth said she agrees with the proposal. Ainsworth said the library is outdated and changes are needed.

“We feel that we can have more modern technology in here – being an old building there were a lot of things that could not be wired so we can start off with a self check-out and a security system,”Ainsworth said.

No formal action has been taken yet, but the Criminal Justice Research Foundation will present their proposal again around June of this year.