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Tornado Damage: Owner Watches Twister Tear Through Barn

Published On: Feb 20 2013 09:35:10 AM CST   Updated On: Feb 20 2013 09:50:17 AM CST
Probable EF0 Tornado Rips Gerber Barn Apart
GERBER, Calif. -

A tornado tore apart a barn in Tehama County, as severe weather slammed the Northstate Tuesday afternoon.

The EF-0 tornado touched down near Gerber Tuesday afternoon around 1:30 p.m.  

Diana Wagenman shot home video of the twister, as it made its way across agricultural land.  She started filming moments after it tore through a barn just off of San Benito Road.

H.D. Coehlo owns the barn and the property with his family.

"It was just past the barn," said Coehlo.   "We went all the way across the street there, all the cars stopped of course because no one wants to get in the middle of that mess."

Coehlo will now have to clean up after the roof was ripped off the structure, and tin pieces are scattered all over nearby fields.

"When we saw it, pieces of the barn already in it, and it was just like, a shock of how powerful nature can be."

Coehlo's family has grown almonds on this property since the 1950's.  He said he's never seen a storm like this move through the area.

A second funnel was reported near Vina in Tehama County just after 2 p.m.  prompting another tornado warning.

The National Weather Service surveyed the Gerber area Tuesday night and gave the tornado a preliminary rating of an EF-0, which means the estimated winds were between 65 and 85 mph.