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Update: 16-Year-Old Accidentally Shot in the Stomach

By Chelsea KAY, @ChelseaKayTv
Tracey Leong,
Published On: Feb 15 2013 01:54:23 AM CST
Updated On: Feb 15 2013 07:38:37 PM CST

Deputies said a 16-year-old was accidentally shot with a gun in the stomach.

It happened Thursday just before 8:20 p.m on the 10700 block of Beaver Road in Millville. 

Deputies said a 16-year-old male, his father and his friend, also 16, were practicing shooting positions.

The three told police that they thought the gun was not loaded and the adult accidentally shot the teenager in the stomach.

The man who said he did it told KRCR News Channel Seven that he is very shaken up.

He said they were all inside the house and that he was just teaching them a few things.

He said he feels terrible and that this is just a tragic accident.

The gunshot victim was taken to Mercy Medical for surgery. We are told he is in stable condition.