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Update: Arrest Warrant Issued for Student Who Allegedly Made Mass Shooting Threats

Published On: Dec 19 2012 07:37:58 PM CST   Updated On: Dec 27 2012 03:40:15 PM CST
ALTURAS, Calif. -

The student who hinted at a mass casualty shooting at Modoc High School on December 16th remains in a mental health facility outside of the county.

Alturas Police Chief Ken Barnes said the District Attorney's office has issued an arrest warrant for the student. Once he is released from the facility he will then be turned over to Alturas Police and then to Modoc County probation.

Investigators have sent three computers used by the student to FBI officials in Sacramento.

Modoc Joint Unified School District Superintendent Mike Martin said all schools in the district will resume classes after winter break on January 7th.

Classes were canceled in the Modoc Joint Unified School District on December 20th and 21st after a student hinted of a mass casualty shooting at Modoc High School.

New details emerged after the Modoc County Sheriff's Dept. teamed up with the Alturas Police Dept. and the Modoc County Inter-Agency Narcotics Task Force. Now, Modoc County law enforcement have requested the assistance of the FBI in evaluating the computers.

The investigation began on Sunday, Dec. 16 when Modoc County law enforcement said a "violent incident" occurred at a residence.

This incident culminated in the detainment of a juvenile at the residence for a mental health evaluation. After the evaluation, the unidentified juvenile was sent to a mental health facility outside of Modoc County for treatment.

After the initial incident, an investigation was launched due to reports that the juvenile was planning a "mass casualty shooting" at an unknown location in Modoc County for Friday, Dec. 21.

Law enforcement learned on Dec. 19 that the intended targets of the shooting were specific individuals at Modoc High School as well as family members.

Officials also learned that  the juvenile had made comments related to the shooting in Newtown, Conn.

A day after the initial incident at the residence, a search warrant was served at the juvenile's home. On Dec. 18, a second search warrant was served at Modoc High School in an attempt to obtain more evidence.

During the search on Dec. 18, three computers were seized for examination.

Although the student had been sent outside of Modoc County for mental health attention, on Dec. 19, officials heard that the juvenile was claiming that the incident planned for Friday would still occur.

Law enforcement said they found no evidence of co-conspirators but school officials decided to close all schools in the Modoc Joint Unified School District as a precautionary measure.

There have been rumors that the juvenile's brother was involved in the incident however, law enforcement said the brother has been cleared of any involvement in the incident at this time.

Modoc County law enforcement wrote in a press release today that they believe there was no imminent danger to students in the days following Monday, Dec. 17 because the juvenile was detained and they have not found any other involved persons.

"We know we are erring on the side of caution," said Superintendent of the Modoc Joint Unified School District Mike Martin. "We worked with law enforcement, our attorneys, as well as members of the school district and it was really a simple decision to put the safety of our students first."

The Modoc County Sheriff's Dept. is seeking criminal charges against the student. A "terrorist threat report" will be forwarded to the district attorney's office.