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Whites Projected to Lose Majority of U.S. Population by 2043

Published On: Dec 13 2012 06:56:59 PM CST   Updated On: Dec 13 2012 07:09:53 PM CST

White people have been the majority race in America for centuries, but that will soon all change according to new Census Bureau projections.

The projections show a slower growing, older, more diverse nation a half century from now. According to the report, by the year 2043 the United States is expected to be a majority-minority nation. Within the next 50 years, the Hispanic population is expected to more than double, meaning nearly one in three U.S. residents would be Hispanic.

Projections also show the Asian population soaring from 15.9 million people to 34.4 million within the same 50 year span, doubling its population. The African American population is expected to increase by 20 million people.

The only race expected to decrease in population by 2060 is the non-Hispanic white population, falling nearly 20 million from 2024 to 2060 and making up 43 percent of the nation’s total population by 2060. There are 197.8 million non-Hispanic whites in the United States now, and that number is slated to peak around 200 million by 2024.

In 1960 the white population made up 85 percent of the United States according to the Associated Press. By 2000, the percentage of whites slid to 69 percent, currently it stands at 64 percent. The Unites States immigration laws implemented back in 1965 opened the door for Mexican immigrants, which sparked a boom of new arrivals in the United States.

When looking at the nation’s population as a whole, the projections predict the total minority population to more than double by 2060. Minorities make up roughly 37 percent of the total U.S. population, but by 2060 that number is expected to climb to 57 percent.

"Moving forward, the U.S. will become the first major post-industrial society in the world where minorities will be the majority," Marcelo Suarez-Orozco, a global expert on immigration and dean of UCLA's Graduate School of Education & Information Studies said. There will be 420 million people in 2060, the Census says.

Regionally, in the Northstate the majority of the population is white.

In Shasta County, 89 percent of the population are white, roughly 9 percent are Hispanic, 1 percent are black, and nearly 3 percent are Asian.

In Butte County, 87 percent are white, 15 percent are Hispanic, 2 percent black, and 4 percent Asian.

Tehama County has the largest population of white people rounding to 91 percent. 23 percent are Hispanic, 0.9 percent are black, and 1 percent are Asian.

Glenn County has the largest Hispanic population in the Northstate at 38 percent. 90 percent are white, 1 percent are black and 3 percent are Asian.

In Trinity County, 89 percent of the people are white, followed by 7 percent Hispanic, 1 percent black, and 0.8 percent Asian.

In Siskiyou County, 88 percent of the population are white, 11 percent Hispanic, 1 percent black, and 1 percent Asian.