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Willows Police Say A Teen Fraudulently Raised Money

Published On: Jan 09 2013 08:13:54 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 09 2013 08:33:35 PM CST
WILLOWS, Calif -

Willows Police and the Glenn County Sheriff's Office are investigating two cases of possible fraud involving a juvenile.

Investigators said the juvenile was falsely claiming he was from the Willows High soccer team and was asking for money.    

Willows Police got a report from the victim this morning and officials said that it is not the first time scammers tried to get money out of the citizens of Willows.

Police said on Wednesday morning that someone walked into the Willows Police Department saying that a 17-year-old boy was trying to raise money for the Willows High soccer team to take a trip to Hawaii. That person was suspicious.

"At least one family in Willows has been contacted by juveniles attempting to raise funds, allegedly for the high school soccer team," said Sergeant Carl Walter from the Willows Police Department.

That family lives in Brennan Place in Willows and neighbors said a young man was walking down the sidewalk on Sunday when he stopped at a house knocked and tried to get money.

On the same day, the Glenn County Sheriff's Office said a 17-year-old went to a house on County Road Drive claiming he was from Barnes and Noble and the home resident paid the teen $126.

The Sheriff's Dept. said that scammers from out of town will call randomly asking for money.  They also gather in groups and go door to door.

"Sometimes we can find information with who the organization is really and other times we can't find any record of it at all," said Walter.

Willows High School is not happy about this, although they do welcome donations.

"In a small town like this, our community supports us," said Willows High School Assistant Principal Ron Bazan.  "The idea is definitely concerning."

For neighbors this is a good lesson to learn.

"It just makes me more aware of what is going on and it can happen in a little town like this," says Ruben Ortiz of Brennan Place.

Authorities are still looking for the teen.  You are asked to call the Willows Police Department or the Glenn County Sheriff's Office if you have any additional information.