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Woman Robbed at Gunpoint at her Home Speaks Out

Published On: Jan 24 2013 08:08:35 PM CST

Michael Reece and Jennifer Cooper


A victim who was robbed at her home in Shingletown is speaking out.

It happened New Year's Eve at a home on Inwood Road.

Deputies only found out about the incident because Mercy Medical Center reported one of the suspect's injuries, which were caused by one of the victims.

The other two suspects are still on the loose. Shasta County Deputies are calling them "armed and dangerous."

Lisa Quinn, who lives at at the home, said she's still shaken up and won't be able to move forward until she knows all the suspects have been tracked down.

Quinn said she had a few friends over for drinks on New Year's Eve. She said that she has a bad back, so one of her guests -- a man named Eric -- called his nephew, Michael Reece, to see if he could bring by a Vicodin.

"He walked in and I stood up and he introduced himself to me. He's like, 'I have my friend in the car. Can I go get him?' We're like yeah, sure, you know," Quinn said.     

The two men came back inside, this time wearing big jackets, one of them with a mask on.

"They came in the doorway and they had guns pointed in our faces. We opened the door and they had guns and Michael said give me all your money."

Quinn said she and Eric looked at each other in confusion because after all, Michael is Eric's nephew.

"He looks at his nephew and he's like you're kidding aren't you and he's like no, this is no joke," she said.

Quinn willingly handed over all the cash she had and watched as they packed away almost all her jewelry.

She said at one point she thought the were going to kill them.

"He actually stuck the gun in Eric's mouth and pushed him backward on the bed," Quinn said.

What the two men didn't realize, was Quinn's two other guests were in another room and saw them come back inside.

"Zach came to the door and asked if we were okay. He knew something was wrong," said Quinn.

Zach grabbed a shotgun from a safe and went outside, which is when he found a third suspect, Justin Stewart, waiting in a car.

"Zach brought Justin in the house and we tied him to a chair," Quinn said.

When Michael and the unknown third suspect realized what was going on, they took off.

"They said don't come out of this room. If you call the cops, we'll come back and hurt you and your family," Quinn said.  She took that seriously and decided not to call authorities.

"I was scared to tell because I was afraid there would be repercussions," she said.

Shasta County Sheriff's Deputies arrested Stewart after he was released from the hospital and he told investigators what happened during questioning.    

Deputies said he had been beaten with a baseball bat and his hair was singed off of his head with a blow torch.

Deputies are still looking for Michael Reece and the third unknown suspect.

They're also looking for 21-year-old Jennifer Cooper for questioning. They believe Reece might be with her.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Shasta County Sheriff's Office.