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A man charged with murder 12 years ago appeared in court

Published On: Jul 22 2013 09:00:57 PM CDT
OROVILLE, Calif. -

A Butte County man arrested last week on charges he killed a 41-year-old woman 12 years ago was in front of a judge for the first time today.

Investigators charged Marvin Markle last week saying he killed Shirley Pratt back in 2001.

The district attorney’s office says Markle shot Pratt in the head and left her body out at the Oroville Wildlife Area back on October 12th of that year.

Today in court, family members who have waited more than twelve years for this day watched as the charges were read.

District Attorney Mike Ramsey revealed tonight that five witnesses came forward and told his office about Markle although he wouldn't tells us who they were or what they said.

Investigators say evidence shows Markle was driving Pratt's car the night of her murder.

"We don't claim that she was abducted at the time as such,” said Ramsey. “She was with him at the time.   We also have her car that was some distance away that was burned at the same night."

Ramsey says her car was found just outside of the Oroville Wildlife Area.  The motive of the case has not been released.  His bail is set at $2 million.

Markle is due back in court on Wednesday for further arraignment and entry of plea.