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A real fire truck helps students prepare for their future career

Published On: Jan 08 2014 08:02:58 PM CST
RED BLUFF,Calif. -

Red Bluff Union High School students got a fire truck for Christmas. The reasoning for the fire tuck is so that students in fire fighting program can get some hands on training.

The acquisition of the fire truck was a collaboration between the school and the city of Red Bluff.

The fire truck was retired due to it’s 30 years of service and it was sold to the school for $1,200.

“I hope to get a head start learning about firefighting and the engine," said Isabel Damante, a junior at Red Bluff High School.

Red Bluff Fire Department’s Captain Dom Catona said it will benefit the students in a big way, it will prepare them and will let them know what to expect at the fire academy.

"Such as pulling a fire hose, pretending were attacking a fire and working with breathing apparatus and crawling in confined spaces," said Capt. Catona.

Students said they are learning a lot and are looking forward to learning more.

"It gives you the feel of what your gonna be doing versus just sitting in a desk talking about it," said Damante.

"You get more hands on experience with the truck instead of just looking at the white board," said Matt Sousa, student at Red Bluff High School.

"Having an engine here makes all the difference in the world," said Capt.Catona.

The money paid for the truck will go to Red Bluff Fire Department's training fund.