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A woman finds one of her two dogs after surviving a structure fire

Published On: Jul 18 2013 07:37:47 PM CDT
CORNING, Calif. -

A Corning woman and her family are thankful to be alive after a fire destroyed their travel trailer and damaged their home.

Laurie Calderon says she is 'counting her blessings' not only because she survived but also because she found one of her dogs alive this morning.  Sadly, her other dog didn't make it.

"This here belongs to my friend that passed away. There's that," said Calderon, holding up a burned quilt.

Calderon spent most of her morning rummaging through her belongings, most of which were unrecognizable after a fire ripped through her travel trailer.

“A lot of things that were really important to me [are gone]," Calderon said. "Look at those dolls that belong to my friend's grandmother... but that's pretty much burnt."

The fire broke out at around 11:30 on Wednesday night. CAL FIRE said they believe that Calderon’s two Chihuahua-Dotson mix dogs knocked over a TV inside, causing it to shoot out sparks and start the fire. It left both dogs trapped inside.

“That's when my boyfriend couldn't get them because there were so many flames,” said Calderon.

On Thursday morning, Calderon said she could not believe her eyes when she saw one of her dogs, Peaches, getting a drink of water.

“I don't know how she got out.  I thought she was dead,” said Calderon.

Peaches had the tips of her whiskers burned off and ash inside of her fur.

“This dog has been in my arms all day,” said Calderon.

CAL FIRE said they were able to prevent the fire from doing major damage to Calderon’s home and from spreading to the many acres of dry brush surrounding the property.

“We went inside the structure and stopped it from spreading further into the attic and then we put the main fire out on the fire trailer,” said CAL FIRE engineer, Jasyon Nelson.

In the end, Calderon still can't believe Peaches made it out.

“Well I think she deserves a better name than Peaches," Calderon said. "Maybe she can have it as a last name because I knew she was dead. There was just no way she was going to make it, she's too little."

CAL FIRE said on Thursday that the fire could have done more damage than it did, but it was Laurie’s proactive removal of the dry brush around her property that made it easier to contain.