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Accused murderer: I have microchips in my head

Published On: Jan 24 2014 08:37:35 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 24 2014 08:42:50 PM CST
OROVILLE, Calif. -

A Butte County judge has found a man accused of murder to be mentally competent.

Robert McClintock is charged with shooting his brother, niece, and killing his brother's girlfriend in their Paradise home on Labor Day.

Two psychologists were called to the stand Friday afternoon.

They both testified that McClintock told them he has microchips and pins installed in his head that tell him what to do.

First the defense called Dr. Donald Stembridge.

Stembridge testified that McClintock is mentally incompetent to go forth with his criminal proceedings.

Stembridge also testified that McClintock told him when he was a child his mother installed a microchip and pins inside of his brain that told him how to behave.

Stembridge gave McClintock a test that measured his competency of understanding what the consequences are for murder, if he can communicate with his attorney and what each character in the courtroom is responsible for.

Stembridge said, “McClintock is in the ninth percentile of his age group on the test.”

However, the prosecution's witness Dr. Mark Streets disagreed with the defense when he took the stand.

Streets testified McClintock did tell him about the microchips installed in his head, but even with that he believes that McClintock is competent.

Streets said he came to that conclusion by how McClintock communicated with him during the evaluation.

That was enough to convince the judge.

McClintock's criminal proceedings have been reinstated, but he has not entered a plea.

He is expected to enter a plea next Thursday for the murder charge.