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Search continues for bigfoot spotted in the NorthState

Published On: Dec 24 2013 11:22:28 AM CST   Updated On: Oct 22 2013 02:00:00 AM CDT
Tehama Co, Calif. -

Big foot has found a home in Tehama County.

And only about 20 miles west of Red Bluff.

Ken S., who asked us not to use his last name, says a sasquatch has taken up residence in the woods behind his home in rural Tehama County.

Strange things began happening about 2 weeks ago, starting with two rocks flung over Ken's head from a mysterious source.

Then piles of wood were moved around his property, sometimes blocking roads, for no apparent reason.

Ken’s house is completely off the grid and his nearest neighbor is over a mile away leading him to believe that it’s not a person’s doing.

He had his doubts until his brother came for a visit and spoke with the Bigfeet.

“He yelped like 'whoop, whoop, whoop'  and after about five minutes of the whooping there was two or three whoops that came from here.” Says Ken pointing to the woods behind his house, “and then a few days later they took my couch and dropped it and dragged it 20 feet towards the house.”

After that, Ken called the bigfoot experts at who sent out a team to do a reconnaissance mission.

Their findings included a photo of a footprint and a claimed infrared camera sighting of the creature through the trees at night.

The team leader Tom Biscardi says the creatures are in the middle of their migration.

“There's the migratory trail that these creatures travel,” Says Biscardi “and the area that we were at, the gentleman’s land happens to be in the same range of the migratory trail.”

He wouldn’t go into details as to the range and scope of the bigfoot migration, but says that they probably chose the land behind Ken’s house because it is secluded and has plenty of food.

Biscardi also believes that a family, or pod, of bigfeet might be living in the woods in Tehama County.

He says they generally travel in groups of between three and eight and are very strong.

But he also points out that they are rarely violent unless threatened.

Ken agrees.  “They’re not here to kill anybody I don’t think.  He just, I think, wants to claim this portion as his.  And [is saying] keep out.”

Not wanting to cause any trouble, Ken plans to leave the bigfeet alone even if it means no longer relaxing on the riverbank near his home.

Biscardi was so impressed he plans to return with a team to do an in depth investigation at the end of the month.  He hopes to capture a bigfoot alive.