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Butte County Sheriff SWAT team and bomb squad train

Published On: Sep 27 2013 08:31:21 PM CDT
Butte County Sheriffs SWAT and bomb squad train Friday
CHICO, Calif. -

The Butte County Sheriffs Office SWAT Team and the Interagency Bomb Squad joined forces Friday morning for some welcome practice entering buildings using explosives.

"[It's] is a fast and easier way to breach a door that gets a team into the residence or structure a lot quicker than normal ways we do it," says Sergeant Steve Boyd.

The training was held at the SWAT Training Center off Openshaw Road north of Oroville.

During the simulations a member of the bomb squad attached explosives to an entryway. Once the door was blown off its hinges, the SWAT team flooded the building and cleared it.

Joe Deal with the bomb squad says it's a fairly exact science which requires closely calculated math to make sure everyone stays safe.

"I don't want to say there's no danger in anyone getting hurt, because there's always a danger when you get explosives involved," said Deal, "but that mathematical calculation I keep talking about it, it's going to give you the minimum amount of explosives to where you're still going to be able to get that team into there very quickly."

So far they've never actually had to use explosives to enter a building but Sergeant Boyd says they need to be ready just in case they ever do.

"It's something we train on probably two times a year," said Boyd. "Our EOD unit is a very good unit and they're very knowledgeable on how to get into residences and use their explosives in a safe manner."

And, according to Deal, the two units need to be on the same page if ever a situation arises.

"Today's training was integrating with our SWAT team and familiarizing them and training them on what it takes," said Deal. "Because in all reality, when it comes down to it, there's that time that this is called on, it's going to be all of us that come together and do it."