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Caper Acres goes back to regular hours thanks to a major donation

Published On: Jul 29 2013 08:09:36 PM CDT
CHICO, Calif. -

Thanks to a new donation from a Chico company, Caper Acres will now be open six days a week.

Although budget cuts were going to keep the park open for only three days a week, Servpro and Rossini Construction decided to donate thousands of dollars and have their staff clean the park to keep it open. This donation is helping to put the brakes on a major controversy here in Chico.

The three owners got together and starting figuring out how to keep the park open.  They and their staff will now work to clean the park and maintain whatever the park needs to stay open.

“It's just a quaint little area,” said Janeen Mohammed.  “The park is so nice and good way for your kids to vent and use their imagination.  It's important for the kids to have that outlet.”

The co-owner of Servpro agreed with Mohammed, noting that it's a group effort to keep the park open.

“We are all going to be out there,” said co-owner of Servpro, William Jones.  “We are all going to be involved.  It's going to be a big effort for Servrpo Chico Lake Almanor and Rossini Construction and all of us keeping it open for the community.”

Servpro officials said they have been getting a lot of positive feedback for their decision, which they say has everything to do with community, rather than business.

The park will still be closed on Mondays as it was before but Servpro says that 'day off' will give them the chance the keep the park up to par.