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Caught on Camera: Pro woman surfer rescued while unconscious in massive waves

Published On: Oct 29 2013 02:49:48 AM CDT   Updated On: Oct 29 2013 02:53:50 AM CDT

The surfer was in Portugal trying to break the world record for biggest wave ever ridden.

Nazaré, Portugal -

Professional surfer Maya Gabeira was rescued from massive surf in Portugal Monday morning after being found unconscious and face down.

The 26-year-old joined more than a hand full of other surfers at Nazaré beach where an Atlantic storm generated waves that were reportedly more than 100 feet high.

Video captured Gabeira motioning for help as massive walls of white water were sending her near the shorebreak. The surfer had just fallen on a massive wave after being towed-in with jet ski assistance.

Rescuers on wave runners made two attempts to pull Gabeira from the water, who was suffering from a broken ankle.

After the second failed attempt, the injured surfer grabbed a hold of a tow rope attached to a wave runner and was dragged for several feet before another wall of white water crashed over her.

Gabeira's body emerged seconds later, face down and unconscious.

Fellow surfer and Brazilian, Carlos Burle drove in seconds later and ditched his watercraft to assist Gabeira.

Burle told STAB Magazine that he started chest compressions in the water and saw the surfer throw up bucket loads of water, twice before she regained consciousness.

Gabeira was later transported to the hospital where she posted a photo to the social media site, Facebook with a thumb up saying she was OK. This link shows the wipeout and following rescue.