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Chico councilman makes proposal to keep Caper Acres open

Published On: Sep 17 2013 12:35:11 AM CDT
Chico councilman makes proposal to keep Caper Acres open

Some potential really good news for Chico families who love Caper Acres children's playground in Lower Bidwell Park after Councilmember Randall Stone says he is on the verge of making a deal to keep it open.

If you remember, Caper Acres had to temporarily close its gates on some weekdays this summer due to budget cuts.

Then a Chico company, SERVPRO, stepped in with cash and volunteers to save it.

With that deal set to run out in October, Councilmember Stone tells KRCR via text that he has made a proposal at a Caper Acres volunteer meeting Tuesday to again keep it open.

The deal would involve cleanup done by Alternative Custody personnel (ACS), meaning those who have been convicted of a crime, just not a serious or violent crimes or anyone who is a registered sex-offender.

In texts, Stone says people within the Butte County Sheriffs Office have been instrumental.

"Sheriff Smith, Undersheriff Honea, and Captain Duch have been really incredible with this effort," Stone wrote.

Calling it a collaborative effort that would be "budget neutral," he also quotes Undersheriff Honea as saying, "We need to keep Caper Acres open."

Stone writes that the workers will be "100% supervised, triple nons (non-violent, non-predatory, no drugs) coming in before CA [Caper Acres] opens."

The proposal reportedly would have the workers supervised by armed guards and wearing ankle bracelet monitoring devices with all of the work done prior to its opening.

It will go before the Chico City Council in October for approval.