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Chico man makes a living painting pets

Published On: Dec 24 2013 03:46:42 AM CST   Updated On: Aug 29 2013 10:52:48 PM CDT
REDDING, Calif. -

Every dog may have its day but every day has its dog for Glen Hettrick, a Chico artist who spends every day in his kitchen painting portraits of dogs.

"Most people that have received dog painting from me immediately say that you somehow captured his or her soul; you captured their spirit," Hettrick said.

It was by pure chance that Hettrick turned his hobby into a business. Four years ago, a Facebook friend commented on the paintings of his two dogs, "Pork Chop" and "Bitey".

"It just seemed to catch on," Hettrick said, "it just seemed to catch fire."

Since then, Hettrick has commissioned nearly 200 paintings and is earning his bones doing what he loves.

"I usually get a commission or two per week, which I think is very unusual. And it's been pretty consistent that way," Hettrick said. "I'm absolutely astonished. Never in a million years had I thought that this would be my life."

Years of toiling away at what he called 'odd and awful' jobs, Hettrick, now 46 years old, considers himself one lucky dog.

"Always appreciated art, but never thought I'd be an artist," he said.

Glen is branching out and painting other animals. If you like what you see, you can contact him online.