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Chico State Baseball Opens Four Game Series With Rival Sonoma State

Published On: Apr 27 2013 10:20:56 AM CDT   Updated On: Apr 27 2013 02:05:36 PM CDT
CHICO, Calif. -

The Chico State Wildcat baseball team kicked off a four game series against their long time nemesis the Sonoma State Seawolves Friday night.

In every successful sport, there's a strong rivalry.  Baseball is no exception.

“We've always been the top two teams in our conference in the 10-15 years so seems like we always play them when it counts,” said Chico State head coach, Dave Taylor.

In late April, it does count with a major tournament coming soon, and the playoffs within shouting distance.  It’s a time when the big names step up.

Friday night, our own big name stepped up.   KRCR News Channel 7 Daybreak Anchor Kelli Saam threw out the first pitch.

Last year, Chico State took the victory in this series and took the title of CCAA champions.  It’s something they want to see happen again this year.

“I just want to keep playing well,” said Coach Taylor.

The fans are right there with them.

“I get every game, I like watching baseball period and I’m a big fan of all the guys here,” said Chico State fan, Brittany Wright.

Wright said she hates the idea of Chico State losing to Sonoma State in baseball, or any sport for that matter.

“Every series with Sonoma is huge.  They are our school's rivalry for every sport at Chico State,” said Wright.

Wright believes the wildcats have a chance to make it big this post season.    

“They just got to take one day at a time,” said Wright.

The final score on Friday was Sonoma State winning over Chico State 3-2 in ten innings.

Chico State and Sonoma will have a double header Saturday in Chico at Nettleton Stadium and wrap the series at Raley's Field in Sacramento.