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Chico women's clinic worried vandals targeted them

Published On: Jan 15 2014 03:21:45 AM CST
CHICO, Calif. -

Workers at a Chico women's center are concerned they may have been targeted by vandals after they found out a sign that sits out front had been torn down overnight Monday.

The Women's Resource Clinic provides counseling on controversial issues surrounding pregnancy and abortion.

When employees arrived Tuesday morning to find a sign that reads "Free Pregnancy Tests" missing, they didn't think it was random.

The clinic on the corner of West 2nd Avenue and The Esplanade is a place where women who may be, or are, pregnant seek out advice on options including abortion, adoption or keeping the baby altogether.

They're controversial topics but the clinic isn't too outspoken on which option they prefer-- although at their roots they are pro-life.

When the sign outside disappeared overnight Monday, it got their attention because of the effort it took to bring it down.

"We examined it and it looks like somebody cut it off," says Executive Director Brenda Dowdin. "I think it was purposed, I really do. We'd like to find out who did it--why they did it. Or if it was just some kids doing an initiation for a club or something. I mean, we'd like to know why. I'd like to know why."

A police report was filed online Tuesday evening so there's no indication yet that the case will be treated as a hate crime.

Dowdin says she and her staff want to make sure that if they were targeted this becomes an isolated incident.

Anyone with information can contact the clinic or the Chico police.