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Cleanup Brigade seeks funding to continue cleanup efforts

Published On: Jan 24 2014 07:22:25 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 24 2014 07:23:10 PM CST
CHICO, Calif. -

Efforts are underway to make permanent a temporary cleanup effort in downtown Chico.

The Cleanup Brigade consisted of four homeless workers from the Jesus Center who were paid small wages to cleanup downtown Chico.

The four worked a total of 48 hours per week, with the funding coming from a donation by a non-profit group called R-town.

Visitors to the downtown area said they observed a noticeable difference due to the cleanup effort.  But the program’s funding ended January 1.

Homeless advocates like Bill Such, Executive Director of the Jesus Center, are appealing to the Downtown Chico Business Association (DCBA) to continue the funding so the Cleanup Brigade can resume.

“It massively benefits us because people can see that The Jesus Center is taking people and getting them employed,” said Such.

He added, said that the Cleanup Brigade observed it was the bar crowd that caused a large amount of the filth in downtown Chico, especially on weekends.

Friday afternoon Such met with the DCBA to discuss the possibilities of continuing the program.